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Nita'Ann has been presented in the media, podcast, and radio on numerous occasions. For more press related news, click the button below!

NitaInNashville Keynote Speaking

TSU Graduate Auditorium

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to motivate, inspire, and educate others about how I made a career in iPhone photography in only 3-4 years, tips on how to take cool photos with your phone making your side hobby into a career, which involves changing the mindset, how to market yourself, and use the device you already have to enhance your career as it did for me. 


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The Shindellas

featured on BET SOUL

Jenna DeVries

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All Videos

All Videos
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Rock n Pod 2023

Rock n Pod 2023

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Gift of Music Holiday Fundraiser

Gift of Music Holiday Fundraiser

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Beyonce After Party Event

Beyonce After Party Event

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Introducing a new merch shop under NitaInNashville Photography - sharing unique designer shirts with a growth mindset viewpoint and inspirng quotes for entrepreneurs and dreamers. 

Behind The Lens

Nita' Ann who now resides in Downtown Nashville, with just a phone and a drive for success. She's proudly served over 400 clients, and landed magazine placements, billboards, news segment features, and more!


Dr. Greg Shaw

“I chose Nita for the shoot because her portfolio had the organic and positive energy I was looking for. Her pictures didn’t come across as staged poses but a reflection of real life in the people she photographed. In each picture I saw of hers, I could see a story in each one. Nita brought the energy and the power to the shoot that I definitely needed.”


Raé Simmons

“Nita ‘Ann was so professional and kind! I knew I was giving her the works cause I barely take selfies! This was my first photoshoot and I didn’t know what to do AT ALL, but Nita ‘Ann was very reassuring and had amazing energy. I feel sooo beautiful looking at these photos and will forever remember my first photoshoot.”


“Nita is awesome at what she does and her personality is AMAZING. She is always happy and optimistic; it was a pleasure working with her. QUALITY WORK!”


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