About me


I'm an iPhone photographer, who seeks to help others get consistent, high-quality content for their social media, events, projects, or for fun. I've shot over 200+ clients who needed content for their social media whether they were musicans, artist, small business owers, producers, models, influencers or just your average joe's who never got their picture taken professionally.


I'm a cancer sign (natural nurterer) and it warms my heart to help others get really good angles of themselves in front of the camera. I'm also an introvert who has to be extrovert in order for those to feel confortable around me. So I get it what it feels like to be awkward, but with alittle direction, warm up and practice, you'll start to notice the difference in your photos.

(Yes, I always show my clients their photos every 20 pictures into the session) It's impolrtant to feel confortable and there's no judgement in posing. The more dramatic you are in the photos the better they turn out, and you can tell in my portfolio! 

I'm originally from Cincinnati, OH, but moved to Nashville, TN.

I went to Middle Tennessee State University, where I ended up getting my degree in Music Business/ Marketing. I enjoy spending my time learning and growing in the entertainment world.

I don't label myself as one specific type of photographer, I try to fit with everybody's vibe editing wise. I love taking photos of people,

I enjoy branching into other forms of photography to become better at it.

Feel free to get to know me in person as well!