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A safe space for all people to learn how to use another device that's starting to become a commonly used tool in the photography industry.

The mobile photography camera has become evolutionary in the past couple of years with many well-known figures in photography and film using it for several projects, and the popular tricks that can be done with it are shown continuously on various social media platforms.

Nita' Ann is an example of sharing her story on how she was able to make the iPhone both a hobby, a side hustle, and now a full-time successful career.

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Nashville 10.21.23

iPhone Photography I Hobby I Side Hustle I Career

Location: TSU - Avon Auditorium

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Duration: 2 hours


1. About Me - How I Got Started

2. Mindset - Think Outside of the Box

3. Marketing/ Business - Strategy I Used

4. iPhone Photography - How I Create Great Content

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