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I'm Blogging? You Should Blog Too.

Updated: Jan 25

Nita' Ann

January 23, 2022

I don't know what I'm doing, but that doesn't mean I lack the confidence to try.

What is there to lose? I'm proof that if you remain consistent at anything you're bound to see results, and if you don't... then it's time to try it differently and learn from your mistakes and errors.

As an iPhone photographer, who worked with 250 + clients including models, influencers, musicians, corporate events, and more in only 1.5 years, I started off working for Door Dash. I use to work my ass off going out every day and night just on the side to make ends meet. At the beginning of July 2020, when I first started my photography business, I was wishing for 12 clients in a month. I remained consistent and told myself all the time "I'M NOT GOING BACK TO SERVING!" No offense to the people who do. Now, I get 1-3 clients a day. I'm a very determined person who just graduated from college and in my head, either work for the company you want to work for, because of your degree or do your own thing. That's the route I'm so thankful I took.

Freedom, doing something that you are passionate about, and making money is literally EVERYTHING!

So, this blogging thing... Did you know people actually make money off of writing their personal stories? It's also coming from making money from the affiliate links and creating valuable advice. Now... I could be wrong on the level of lack of difficulty, but I'm willing to put it to the test. One thing I can promise is to never make these blogs way too long, like a "chatty Cathy" with no sense of awareness of when to shut up. Anyways, you could literally make $100 - 100k a month from blogging these days. They just don't teach you that in schools for some reason.

Now, I'm not ALLLL about the money. I am all for exposure in a creative way. I realized every day the more my communication skills improved and self-awareness kicked in, the more I wanted to journal at home more about inspiring situations... THEN I realized you could journal at home, talk about it on your YouTube videos and write about it. It's doing nothing but giving me more of an opportunity to be valuable to others, a higher possibility to make passive income, and expose my iPhone photography business to more people.

Listen to me... you don't need to be an expert, highly skilled in something in order to share experiences and provide value. Just watch the video down below.

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