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Turn Feeling Like a Failure to Determination

There are so many times where I FAILED at something. It was as simple as not getting up early enough in the morning, or accidentally eating something that contains milk in it for someone trying to go vegan.

It's so easy to get sucked in the negative failure mindset, not as easy reminding yourself to not "just stay positive", but learn from it and see it as a learning lesson. We are literally conditioned to see the good and the bad in everything, we don't necessarily take the time to learn from both the good and the bad.

For example, I started my first blog on January 23rd, 2022. I had the idea to post weekly and make it a consistent thing. Did I do that?

NO! I kept telling myself over and over as every week went by to do another blog, do another blog, do another blog... now I finally started and it's the beginning of March. I should've looked at this situation as me being a failure me starting my blog now, but it's not a failure situation. It's always best to do something rather than nothing, and it's never too late... unless you have an assignment due date. You just might get half credit for the assignment. I saw this as a learning lesson to help me keep understanding how I function when it comes to blogging and I need to understand what's the true, honest, and easiest way to make this situation avoidable where I don't end up not blogging for a whole month.

If you are in a situation like this with anything where you struggle remaining consistent at something whether it's going to the gym, starting a creative activity, or learning a new language. This is one of the situations where you really need to "get to know yourself, and focus on what is going to work for you." This regards to ANYTHING you do in life where you are trying to remain consistent.

Ways To Help Your Consistency:

1. Get rid of the negative mindset and turn failure into determination.

2. Think about what you are already consistent at, then emulate the same model.

3. Set mini-goals each time to take it step-by-step so it won't seem IMPOSSIBLE!

4. Fit it into your schedule ahead of time.

5. Make it the first thing you do when you wake up to get it done and out the way.

None of this won't work if you don't change your mindset first.

I was told a story about a kid who went to high school and didn't really care about school much, because he was always told he was not smart enough. One day, he had to take the SAT, and did he really try? Not really. When he got his test scores back he was surprised he got one of the highest scores in the district. His mom asked him if he cheated, and would respond back saying "he tried too, but everybody's test version was different." When he saw his test score, his whole mindset changed about him and what he never knew about himself. That he's actually really smart.

So he went to school and started trying, started getting good grades, and taking harder classes. He made plans to go to college for business. Then the most unexpected thing happened though when he got the letter with news regarding his test scores. His score was actually wrong and mixed up with someone else's test score. You would think he did all that effort for nothing, but that's not the case. Those test scores originally gave him the push he needed to try in life. He didn't stop trying to be successful, he kept going, already knowing his test scores were wrong. He ended up owning his own business and became a very rich and successful man. It's all about your mindset about yourself that matters first to get you through, and actually see the results you want to see.

I shared this story because it inspires me to make sure my mindset is on the right track and I know if I remain consistent I'll see the results I want to see. I hope this inspires you too.

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