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About Me

I'm Nita'Ann

"I'm a professional iPhone photographer, who seeks to help others get consistent, high-quality content for their social media, events, projects, or for fun. I've shot over 400+ clients who need content for their social media, whether they were musicians, artists, small business owners, models, influencers, or just your average people who never got their picture taken professionally."

Nita’ Ann (@NitaInNashville) is a well-known photographer,  entrepreneur and  speaker who shoots everything on her iPhone for a living and is hosting her first seminar in Nashville, TN. She’s sharing how she made a career in iPhone photography in only 3-4 years and how to make good photos from your iPhone.

She’s worked with over 400+ musicians, artists, influencers, small business owners, and much more.

Nita Ann is a professional iPhone photographer who not only does photography but also shoots music videos with just her iPhone and has been featured on BET Soul and CMT. She’s been on Nashville’s News Channel 4 & 5 sharing her photography work and has had her work featured on the Nashville Sign billboard as Artist of The Week, radio shows, magazines, newspapers, and much more.

She uses her “out of the box” marketing strategy that gave her the ability to get 1-3 clients that come to her daily and plans to share the strategy that helped her kick off her photography career in only 3-4 years.

She currently travels and resides in her high-rise in downtown Nashville, but wants to share this "out of the box" journey opportunity with others who share an interest in making photography with just their mobile devices or inspire others to make their side hustle into a career!

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